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Lockdown Training in full swing

As the third lockdown shows very little signs of lifting soon, Sandwell Tae Kwon Do have launched virtual classes for their current students and those wishing to get fit and partake in an exciting new hobby in 2021.

Instructor Claire Southall has responded to an increased demand for private online tuition during the pandemic and has praised her black belt students for showing great perseverance in training at home.

As part of their community initiative the group are offering two free virtual classes this month to all students, new, returning and current who wish to train in tae kwon do.

It really is remarkable what you can achieve from behind a computer screen! Tae kwon do is great for getting people moving. Regardless of age or ability it really is a family hobby and all you need is a pc, internet and a bit of space at home.

We are using a secure online platform called Discord for our classes. It is simple to register and once you text 07402743284 you will be sent a link on how to join our server. All you need to do then is to logon when the class is advertised and you are ready to train. It really is that simple.

Alongside our online classes we are just finishing off our healthy eating simple meal plan ideas which will be sent to our students to accompany their at home training. This is designed to give them a structure to follow when training and following a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy weight and fuel their body and mind for success. Of course we are giving these online pamphlets free of charge in order to help our students in what is a very testing time for everyone.

Due to the restrictions on exercise imposed in the UK many people are noticing an increase in their weight, mental health is becoming increasingly problematic for both the young and old and we just want to support our martial arts community in the best way we can which at the moment is to encourage everyone to get moving through martial arts at home and then to move to public classes once lockdown restrictions are lifted,

There has never been a better time to join. To do something during these unprecedented times for yourself and your family. To start training this week please contact us on 07402743284 and take your first steps on your journey towards black belt.

Stay safe. Train at home.

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