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Our students often provide us with honest feedback on our classes. Here are just some of the comments from them. If you want to know more ask people at class!

West Midland Martial Arts

'If your looking for something to do that isn’t your “average” way of getting fit then this is the class for you you! You will learn how to defend yourself and you’ll even learn a bit of Korean along the way! Claire is a great instructor who covers a mix of fitness, traditional patterns, sparring and theory in her classes.  Her classes are suitable for both children and adults of all fitness levels.  I train with my 7 year old daughter and we both love it!'

Stacey Cockbill

West Midlads Martial Arts

'Great Instructor, great club, great fun!'

Barry Eaton

West Midlands Martil Arts

'I have done tae kwon do with Claire for three and a half years now and I am continuing to learn and love the sport and the club. I have become stronger, more confident and more flexible. I would highly suggest it for anyone, regardless of their age, gender or athletic ability.'

Gillis Robbie

'I have been training at this club for almost 6 years and I recommend it to anyone young or old, the classes cover a broad range of content so boredom will never be an issue. You progress at your own pace and are not forced to grade if you don't feel ready. It is a warm and welcoming environment for all. This club will put in the work for you as long as you are willing to put in 200% effort into pushing your own limits. Claire got me to my black belt and prepared me to compete internationally with the Royal Air Force.

West Midlands Martial Arts

Alex Hadley

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