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All of the 10th Kup Theory plus:

Meaning of Yellow Belt. 

Yellow belt signifies the earth from which the plant sprouts and takes root as the foundations of Tae Kwon-Do are laid. 

Meaning of Pattern Chon Ji 19 Movements.


Chon Ji means literally “Heaven and Earth.”In the Orient it is interpreted as the creation of the world ,or the beginning of human history,Therefore,it is the initial pattern performed by the beginner.The pattern consists of two similar parts – one to represent Heaven and the other the Earth. 

Korean terminology:

Pattern                                   Tul. 

Parallel ready stance           Narani junbi sogi. 

Walking ready stance          Gunnun junbi sogi. 

Walking Stance                     Gunnun sogi. 

L Stance                                  Niunja sogi. 

Forearm Guarding Block      Palmok daebi makgi. 

Forearm Rising Block            Palmok chookyo makgi. 

Obverse Punch                      Baro jirugi. 

Reverse Punch                       Bandae jirugi. 

Six                                            Yosaul. 

Seven                                      Ilgop. 

Eight                                       Yodoll. 

Nine                                       Ahop. 

Ten                                         Yoll. 

Instructor                              Sabum. 

Student                                  Jeja.

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