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All of the previous Theory plus:

Meaning of Blue Belt. 

Blue belt signifies the Heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon-Do progresses. 

Meaning of Pattern Joon Gun 32 Movements. 

Joon Gun is named after the patriot An Joong Gun who assassinated the first Japanese Governor of Korea,Hiro Bumi Ito.32 movements represent Mr An’s age when he was executed in Lui Shung prison in 1910.  

What is Korean for three step Semi Free sparring? 

Ban Jayoo Matsoki.     (Advanced level) 

What is Korean for two step sparring? 

Ibo Matsoki.                  (4 to 8).  

What is the difference between 3 step and 2 step sparring?  

2 step sparring requires a more complex combination of techniques in defence and attack, therefore greater emphasis on focus, distance and timing is required. 

Korean Terminology. 

Closed Ready Stance                                 Moa Chunbi Sogi. 

Rear Foot Stance                                              Dwit Bal Sogi. 

Low Stance                                                        Nachua Sogi. 

Palm Pressing Block                                        Sonbadak Nollo Makgi. 

Twin Straight Forearm Checking Block         Sang Sun Palmok Momchau Makgi. 

U Shape Block                                                    Mongdungi Makgi. 

Arc Hand Strike                                                  Bandal Son Taerigi. 

Palm Strike                                                          Sonbadak Taerigi. 

Upper Elbow Strike                                           Wi Palkup Taerigi. 


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