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All of the previous Theory plus:

Meaning of Green Belt. 

Green belt signifies the plants growth as the Tae Kwon-Do skills begin to develop. 

Meaning of Pattern Won Hyo 28 Movements. 

Won Hyo is the name of the Silla Dynasty monk who reputedly introduced Zen Buddhism to Korea in AD 686.


What is Korean for three step Semi Free sparring? 

Ban Jayoo Matsoki.     (Basic level) 

Why do we do three step Semi Free sparring?  

Introduces the student to a more realistic form of set sparring and Focus, Distance, & Timing. 

Korean Terminology. 

Closed Ready Stance A                           Moa Junbi Sogi A. 

Fixed Stance                                              Gojung Sogi. 

Bending Stance                                         Guburyo Sogi. 

Vertical Stance                                          Soo Jik Sogi. 

Inner Forearm Circular Block                  An Palmok Dollimyo Makgi. 

Outer Forearm Waist Block                     Bakat Palmok Hori Makgi. 

Palm Inward Pushing Block                     Sonbadak Anaero Miro Makgi. 

Side Punch                                                  Yop Jirugi. 

Back Kick                                                     Dwit Chagi. 

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