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Martial Art Demonstrations

We recently attended our bi-annual Summer Fete at Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich, West Midlands, UK. We had a fantastic day.The aim of any demonstration we do is to further the general public's knowledge of tae kwon do, train outside in the fresh air, and let people know about our club.

Demonstrations are a great way to let the public see what you are all about and I would recommend doing them as much as you can in your local area. If people see you online that is great, but by actually being out in the public domain, (in real life) people can see what you can offer in terms of great martial arts instruction.

This year our demonstration was the day before our 'I am TeamGB Sports Day event'. This was great as it meant we could tell the local community all about our initiative to get people into sport and encourage tae kwon do training in the local area.

We didn't do a flashy demonstration, nothing choreographed or planned. We invited people to take part in short taster sessions which everyone loved. We showed them how to make a good fist and let them have a go on our focus pads. Encouraging them to try out tae kwon do is the first step. Many people never consider a hobby such as martial arts, whether they are too busy with other hobbies, or it never occurs to them this is something they need to do I don't know; but by offering some free tasters we really got the community involved!

Once people participated in our tasters we showed them a beginner pattern. We could have performed one of the more advanced patterns but I always think it is better to showcase beginner forms as this means that anyone watching thinks 'yes I could do that!' rather than being put off by 360 degree spinning back kicks flying through the air at one hundred miles an hour! Mr Robbie does a fantastic spinning back kick so come to club if you want to see one of those...

We ended our demonstration experience by handing out business card and leaflets to the public, along with some badges for the 'I am Team GB' event to show they had taken part in some physical activity.

Everyone had a lovely day finished off with a thank you ice-cream and a trip to feed the ducks at the pond (this was optional but my toddlers who were helping really appreciated it!)

My message is if you have something that you do which you are proud of - tell people. It is as simple as that. The more people who know what you do, see what you do, and take part in what you do, the better what you do becomes!

We are running a month free training in September 2019 as part of our ongoing mission to encourage people to take part in tae kwon do. If you would like us to come and give a taster session near you, come to your school fete, or give a demonstration at your event or in your workplace please get in touch. We cover the whole of Sandwell, West Midlands UK.

Special Thanks To Mr Robbie, Mr Karimi Junior and Mr Karimi Senior who assisted in our demonstration, you performed impeccably on a hot day and showcased our club in a very positive light.

To get in touch about demos please just fill in our Contact form.

See you soon, Claire Southall (Sandwell Tae Kwon Do)

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