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Martial Arts Family Directory

Our instructor has worked with various martial artists over the years and highly recommends the following clubs for additional training for our members. If anyone has any questions regarding the teaching at each club please contact us.


There are many martial arts schools across the West Midlands and all have something unique to offer.


Saracens Martial Arts Specialise in  Kung Fu and Kickboxing. Contact Sifu Ken for class bookings today on 07845078687.


The International Tae Kwon Do Council


Our club works alongside the ITC to promote quality tae kwon do services. The ITC is a Council of Senior Tae Kwon Do Masters who gather to help independent tae kwon do instructors with matters such as insurance, first aid courses, instructors courses, umpires courses and running tae kwon do events. 

The ITC is full of like-minded people - no matter what style of tae kwon do you practice we are all family!

The group provide international recognition for instructors and in joining you retain your unique club identity whilst becoming part of an international group.

The ITC is not an association that you pay membership for like some groups; it is rather a banner under which various styles of tae kwon do gather to share ideas and training.

Whilst the ITC is a national governing body we are not governed by them. We are affiliated to them for the betterment of tae kwon do practice for all.

The ITC is founded on friendship and the principles of family. 

We would highly recommend associating with the ITC for competitions. All are professionally managed and fully insured providing a safe environment for competitors of all ages. 

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