Welcome to Sandwell Tae Kwon Do. We are a martial arts group based in West Bromwich, Dudley and Rowley Regis in the West Midlands. We have lessons which are suitable for all ages and abilities. Classes are available on a group or private basis and we have something to suit everyone in our syllabus. Have you thought about learning martial arts for some time but been put off by the cost of it all? Well rest assured if you join our school you will not pay an expensive monthly membership fee or be tied into a contract. With our school you pay once a year for your insurance. This is a requirement of any contact sport. Our sessions are based on monthly training fees, so we offer an affordable payment scheme for all students based on the number of times you train. This means you only pay for the sessions you use rather than paying for classes that you might not be able to attend. We are flexible so if you cannot make one session you can attend twice the following week for example to make it up! The only other outlay at first is the price of purchasing your dobok which let’s face it is the same as any hobby, you need to look the part to take part. These are purchased through our instructor.

What about the teacher?

You will learn from our experienced 3rd degree instructor Claire Southall who is first aid trained, DBS Checked, and fully insured.  She is the current UITF English Champion for 2019. Claire loves working with children and passing on her experience to the next generation of talented martial artists. She also believes that instructors should still train and loves to collaborate with other martial artists and fitness experts, PT’s and coaches to share training tips and health advice. Claire has competition experience being an umpire for the TAGB and is able to coach people of all ages and abilities to enter regional, national and international competitions should they wish to compete in either sparring or patterns divisions. When not practising tae kwon do Miss Southall is training hard learning kung fu with experienced highly regarded Sifu Ken Hoult at Saracens Martial Arts. At Sandwell Tkd we also have assistant instructors who are first degree black belts and class assistants who are instructors in training, they have lots of experience working with children to assist our junior and senior members in class.

So, you teach what exactly?

Sandwell Tae Kwon Do is a traditional martial arts school teaching children and adults valuable life skills. Instilling self-defence principles into every class we adapt pad work drills, sparring techniques and fitness elements to create a well-rounded healthy person. We teach tae kwon do which originates from Korea. When introduced to the UK two organisations were set up, one focusing on the sports element of training the other moreso on the traditional patterns. We teach tae kwon do in an authentic style. This means that pupils will utilise both hands and feet to attack as well as defend themselves in a semi-free sparring environment. The patterns that you learn require a disciplined mind to absorb all of the movements and be able to perform them in a powerful yet functional motion. In class we will show you how to maximise your power and fitness whilst also maintain the beauty of the art. There are many tae kwon do organisations in the UK but we work alongside the International Tae Kwon Do Council. This is a national governing body who assist our instructor with running her school. Crucially we are not members of a particular organisation but instead Sandwell TKD is an independent school with a unique club identity and local ethos.

Is age and experience an issue?

Age is no barrier for martial arts, neither is experience. Adults love the fact they can train alongside their children in class, we also have a lot of individuals join who simply want to keep fit and learn self-defence. Regardless of your motives we are a ‘no-pressure school.’ This means that whether you are 50 or 5 if you do not feel ready to grade or test for your belt then you don’t! Of course we will encourage you and if we feel you are ready to move up we will tell you but this is ultimately your choice and depends how you feel. We all have to start somewhere and the hardest part of any journey is the first step.

What about bullying?


We do not allow bullying in our club and have attended primary schools in the local area to discuss anti-bullying schemes and the correct way for children to combat bullies. In class we don’t just train, we are proud to be a club that encourage each individual student both inside and outside the dojang. We have a friendly no-egos atmosphere where everyone helps each other to improve and encourages each other in teamwork.

I have trained in another style can I come to your lessons?

Yes you can! Whether you train with another tae kwon do instructor in a totally different martial art everyone is welcome at our club. We will insure you either on a temporary basis for one off lessons or as a full member if you plan to attend regular classes. You can train under more than one instructor (we are flexible to suit your training regime).

I am only interested in SparFit, can I just attend these classes?

Sparfit classes run in addition to our regular syllabus. Everyone pays as they go as we have different people attend each time. These sessions are run to help people improve their fitness and sparring techniques. Everyone is welcome from all organisations. Simply obtain your instructor's permission, bring your license (as proof of current training). You will then have to fill in an insurance form and you are good to go! You must have full sparring kit (not weighted gloves) and a gum shield to participate in sparring but beginners can attend for fitness and non-contact sparring too.


Why Sandwell Tae Kwon Do then?

Our club motto is ‘excellence in martial arts’ which is what we aim to achieve for each pupil. We provide a quality service to our clients which means that you will be taught the art of tae kwon do in a fun, structured, safe environment. We work on quality, so it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to learn a technique or patterns routine or sparring drill we will repeat it as many times as you need for it to be effective. Our competition motto is ‘train hard fight easy’; whilst we do not see ourselves as a ‘fight club’ as we practice traditional semi-contact sparring (and non-contact without equipment) we do recognise that ‘fighting’ can happen outside the dojang and we firmly believe that in attending regular classes at Sandwell Tae Kwon Do and training to the best of your ability you will learn the necessary skills to defend yourself in a real life confrontation.

We hope that you have found this section useful but if you have any more questions please just pick up the phone. 07984515336 

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